Best 7 jQuery File Upload Plugins (Drag and Drop, Progress Bar)

On 5/23/2017

Hi! Here's some of the best jquery file upload plugins for your next project. Implementing file uploading is one big headache as you have to take care of things like security; handling multiple uploads, dealing with too large files etc. And then there's this user experience sort of things like drag and drop, progress bar and providing file preview. Overall you have to sort out so many things during uploading process. If you don't want to go through all these hassle then use any one of the readily available jquery file upload plug in.

Below we have handpicked some of the best file upload plugins in jquery to make your life easier. They come with so many customizing options and let you integrate beautiful file uploader to your websites quickly and serve rich user experience.

best jquery file upload plugins with progress bar

7 Best jQuery File Upload Plugins:

1. Uploadify

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Uploadify plug-in let you integrate multiple file upload functionality to your website easily. This file upload plugin offers extreme customization and available as both HTML5 and Flash versions for you to choose from. What we like most is the ability to upload multiple files without clustering the page with numerous browse buttons, real-time progress bar and drag-drop support with HTML5 version.

Key Features:

  • Multiple file upload without multiple browse buttons
  • Drag and drop files to upload queue
  • Real time progress bar to show uploading status
  • Highly Customizable to suit your need
  • Restrict uploads based on file size, type, quantity etc

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2. Droply JS

Droply is a light-weight responsive jQuery based plug-in to setup single or multi-file upload feature to websites. As a developer your time is precious, so using droply.js will give you the leverage to add beautiful and professional file uploader to websites without going through the hassle of implementing everything from scratch. The highly configurable settings and ease-of-use makes it a remarkable file uploader plug in.

With Droply users can easily upload extremely large files of several giga-bytes with ease as it employs the latest chunk upload technique. And the best part is its minimal size without comprising rich features it offers. It is written in pure jquery so compatible with all platforms.

Key Features:

  • Responsive multi-file uploader
  • Drag and drop Files support
  • Delete files from upload queue
  • Employs smooth CSS3 effects
  • Progress indicator & file preview options
  • Compatible with Android and iOS

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3. Plupload

Plupload is another great choice if you need a file uploader with ready to build User Interface. It is based on HTML5 APIs and offers limited customizations. But Flash and Silverlight fallbacks, numerous readily available themes and multi-lingual packs makes it worth trying. Plus it uploads files in chunks and let you bypass any server limitation on uploading bigger files.

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Key Features:

  • Multi-uploader using HTML5 APIs
  • Drag-and-Drop file support
  • Instant thumbnail preview
  • Shrink Images on Client-Side to save bandwidth
  • Upload in Chunks to support large files
  • Support for 30+ languages

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4. FineUploader

FineUploader is a flexible library written in pure JavaScript but available as jquery plugin too. It includes all sorts of basic functionalities you require in a file uploader plugin like single/multiple file uploads, drag and drop files, real-time progress indicator and file preview options. What if you have uploaded a wrong file? Well! With fineuploader you get a nice option to delete uploaded files.

Besides the plug-in offers so many interesting features like pause & resume uploads, file partitioning, entire folder uploading, image scaling, uploading directly to cloud like Amazon S3 or Microsoft Blob Storage service etc.

Key Features:

  • Pause, Resume & Retry Uploads
  • Cancel uploads in the middle
  • Support for Cloud uploading
  • Delete already uploaded files
  • File Chunking / Partitioning
  • ES6 modules & CommonJS Support
  • Upload from mobile camera

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5. jQuery File Upload

jQuery File Upload is another good jquery plugin for simplified file uploading and saving. It offers versatile range of options supporting multiple file upload, drag and drop feature, status bar indicator, file preview and much more. Plus you can cancel and resume upload at any time. It also supports uploading large file in chunks and let you edit and resize images after uploading.

jQuery File Upload Plug in is cross-domain compatible which is another good reason to go for. It works with all sorts of server platforms like PHP, Python, Java, Node.js, Ruby on Rails etc that supports standard HTML file uploads.

Key Features:

  • Multiple file uploads
  • Drag & Drop files
  • Progress bar Support
  • Cancel/Resume uploads
  • Image resizing via JS APIs
  • Preview images/audio/video
  • Highly configurable & extendable

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6. DropzoneJS

Dropzone is an open source library that turns out any HTML element into a potential dropzone area. It employs AJAX technology and let user drag and drop files onto it for uploading. The library is extremely light-weight and written on pure java script. Includes so many nice features like multiple uploads, progress bar, image preview & resize, configure file limits, rename file during uploads etc.

Dropzone is compatible with browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera but not work in older versions which doesn't support drag’n’drop. So make sure to check for browser compatibility.

Key Features:

  • Multiple files & synchronous uploads
  • Progress bar indicator
  • Support for big files
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Image Preview
  • Enabled Retina

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7. Bootstrap File Input

If you need something to work with Bootstrap then this is for you. Bootstrap File Input Plugin works with Bootstrap 3.x and an enhanced version of standard HTML5 file element with multiple file selection, preview support for various types of files such as html, image, audio, video, flash and objects. Further you can simply drag and drop files for uploading, preview, add and delete uploaded files. It is based on AJAX and relies on Bootstrap CSS3 styles.

Key Features:

  • Multiple File uploads
  • Drag and drop
  • Multi-file preview
  • Multi language widgets
  • Image Resizing
  • Configurable layout & style

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