How to Add and Customize Twitter Bootstrap3 Breadcrumbs

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It's a good practice to add breadcrumbs to websites/blogs to enhance the users to find their way around. Also it indicates user’s location (page) and hierarchy of the page within a website. Twitter bootstrap3 comes with built-in CSS component for adding breadcrumbs. I'll show you how to add and customize the default breadcrumbs of bootstrap as per your requirement.

Learn jQuery addclass removeclass methods onclick

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Using the jQuery addClass() and removeClass() methods, we can dynamically add/remove css class(es) of an HTML element. The addClass method does not replace any existing classes but appends to them. The removeClass method removes the css classes of an element if exists. To add/remove more than one class at a time separate them with a space.

Create Stitched Leather Style CSS Buttons

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Exploring new styles of CSS Buttons is always a fun. One of my earlier tutorial discussed a method of Creating Round Social Media Icons using CSS without any images. This time I have come up with leather style buttons with stitches running around the edges of the button.

How to Connect to Multiple Databases in CodeIgniter

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Connecting to multiple databases is simpler in CodeIgniter. All you have to do is to establish a separate connection for each database you wish to work. Here I'll show you how to connect with two MySQL Databases.

Connect to Multiple Databases in CodeIgniter

How to integrate Twitter Bootstrap 3 with PHP CodeIgniter Framework

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We'll see how to integrate Twitter Bootstrap 3 UI with CodeIgniter Framework . I'm going to assume you are individually acquainted with CodeIgniter and Bootstrap frameworks, so in this tutorial just shows you how to integrate Bootstrap with CodeIgniter so you can enhance the appearance of your CI application.

Enable Disable group of HTML Elements with Checkbox using jQuery

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Enable/Disable group of HTML elements is fairly simple with jQuery. Any single element can be enabled/disabled via it's DOM property disabled. But how to do it in group? The idea is to wrap all the elements meant to be grouped in a <div> container and call jQuery's :input selector to select all the child elements of the container and set it's disabled property.

A Beginners Guide to CSS box-sizing property

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The CSS box-sizing property lets you take control over the HTML elements width. Generally padding and border width of an HTML element adds themselves up to the elements width and makes it to stretch over. But if you don't want the HTML element to be stretched irrespective of padding and border width, then use the CSS box-sizing: border-box; property.