How to Import CSV File into MySQL Database using PHP Script

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Hi, this time I have come up with another useful php script, which will show you How to Import CSV File Data into MySQL Database using PHP. CSV Files commonly known as comma separated values is one of the most preferred data storage methods. And as a developer often you might find you in situation to import those huge csv data into database system. Though sounding simple, it’s a nightmare in disguise. Here’s where php comes to the rescue. With few lines of code, you can insert several hundreds of records in flash.

Create Simple Contact Form in CodeIgniter with Database Save Option

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Hi, sometime back I wrote a tutorial on codeigniter contact form with email sending option. It received good response and I got requests from blog readers to write about saving the codeigniter contact form data into database. For doing so, it requires a proper database to store the form data and some tweaking to the script. Though it’s easy for experienced developers, it’s proves to be a challenge for newbie’s to do it by themselves. So I decided to write a detailed tutorial here about creating simple contact form in codeigniter and saving the data into database.

How to Embed PDF File in HTML Page

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Hi, today we’ll see how to embed pdf file in a html page directly. Some websites tend to show pdf files directly on their site’s webpages instead of giving a download link for the files. Thanks to HTML5, you can also do the same with simple html code without using any third party solutions. The method we are going to see is the quick and easy solution which gives you some control over how the pdf file is shown to the user. Also it works on all modern web browsers that support HTML5.

How to Create Responsive Multi Level Drop Down Menu in Bootstrap

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Hi, I'm back with another one twitter bootstrap tutorials, which discusses about how to create a responsive multi level drop down menu in twitter bootstrap. Building html drop down menu in bootstrap is quite easy as the css framework provides built in components for doing it. But at times you may want to expand the website’s navigation menu into multi-level drop down especially when developing large portals or shopping sites. Unfortunately bootstrap 3.x versions doesn’t provide readymade styles for this but definitely you can accomplish it with some workaround.

How to Convert JSON Data to HTML Table using jQuery DataTables Plug-in

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Hi, this time I have come up with a jquery basics tutorial which discusses about how to convert json to html table. In simple terms we are going to use jquery to display data from a json file in neat table format with added pagination and search options to it. To make our life easier there is an excellent jquery plug-in called ‘DataTables’ which we will use for this task. DataTables is a flexible jquery tool which adds up advanced interaction controls to any HTML table. Using this we can easily add pagination, instant search or multi-column ordering to the html table. Moreover it supports all modern day data sources like DOM, JavaScript, Ajax and server-side processing.


Twitter Bootstrap Modal Form Example - Creating Contact Form

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One of our earlier twitter bootstrap tutorials discussed about creating a working contact form in Bootstrap and PHP. Now let’s see an example of building modal contact form in bootstrap. These types of popup modal forms will be very useful if you don’t want to have separate pages for the forms like login, user signup or contact form. By default the modal dialogs are hidden, and only shown when triggered by a handle like anchor link or buttons. However these modal dialogs are not limited to forms but also can hold plain text or other html contents like image sliders, alerts, videos etc.


Twitter Bootstrap Circle - Round Buttons Example

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Hi, here comes another nice addition to our twitter bootstrap tutorials series. This post discusses about customizing/extending bootstrap features and let you create circle/round buttons with bootstrap 3 css. Bootstrap provides seven different button classes of varying color and they are rounded rectangle by default. These button classes provide an excellent base structure for designing your own styles. You will be amazed to see how very little css code could create beautiful circle buttons.


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