How to Get User IP Address in CodeIgniter

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Hi, this quick post discusses about getting user ip address in php codeigniter framework. Say you have an application built on code igniter mvc and you want to collect visitor’s ip address. The easiest solution is to use the codeigniter’s input class.

CodeIgniter input class serves two important purposes. 1. It ensures security by pre-processing the global input data and 2. It does provide helper functions to fetch the input data and pre-process it.


How to use Join Query in CodeIgniter - Examples

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Hi, today I have come up with another useful tutorial which discusses about using join query in php codeigniter framework. CodeIgniter provides its own database library known as active record class and it enables you to write database independent applications. Though you can use raw sql queries with codeigniter, sticking on to active record features is more beneficial and let you easily migrate to different database system in the future. Also it automatically escapes the values and makes for safer queries.


Delete Data from MySQL with Confirmation Message in PHP OOP

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Delete is one of the primitive processes performed on database management system. And it’s always a good practice to confirm the delete action of users with a message to avoid accidental clicks and data deletion. In this tutorial we’ll see how to delete row(s) from mysql database with confirmation message in php. Implementing database deletion using procedural style has been discussed a lot but here I want to show you how to achieve it using OOP Method (Object Oriented Programming) in php.


How to Create Simple Registration Form in CodeIgniter with Email Verification

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Hi, I have been writing codeigniter tutorials series for quite some time and already discussed about creating login form and contact form in codeigniter and bootstrap. One of the primitive features of any membership website is user registration system. Obviously the common trait of a signup form is to ask for too many details which will scare away users from your site. But keeping the form as minimal as possible will encourage them to sign up easily. Having said that today I’m going to show you, how to create a simple and elegant registration form in codeigniter along with email verification procedure.


Autocomplete Textbox using HTML5 Datalist, PHP and MySQL Example

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Autosuggest Textbox is a cool technique to enhance user experience in websites. It’s a google like search box which pops up suggestions while you type and lets you choose the word(s) without typing it completely. Usually this feature requires third party tools like jquery plug-ins to implement but thanks to HTML5, you can do it with plain html and php alone. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you, how easy it is to integrate HTML5 auto complete textbox from database using PHP and MySQL.


How to Import CSV File into MySQL Database using PHP Script

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Hi, this time I have come up with another useful php script, which will show you How to Import CSV File Data into MySQL Database using PHP. CSV Files commonly known as comma separated values is one of the most preferred data storage methods. And as a developer often you might find you in situation to import those huge csv data into database system. Though sounding simple, it’s a nightmare in disguise. Here’s where php comes to the rescue. With few lines of code, you can insert several hundreds of records in flash.

Create Simple Contact Form in CodeIgniter with Database Save Option

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Hi, sometime back I wrote a tutorial on codeigniter contact form with email sending option. It received good response and I got requests from blog readers to write about saving the codeigniter contact form data into database. For doing so, it requires a proper database to store the form data and some tweaking to the script. Though it’s easy for experienced developers, it’s proves to be a challenge for newbie’s to do it by themselves. So I decided to write a detailed tutorial here about creating simple contact form in codeigniter and saving the data into database.

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