Twitter Bootstrap Modal Form Example - Creating Contact Form

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One of our earlier twitter bootstrap tutorials discussed about creating a working contact form in Bootstrap and PHP. Now let’s see an example of building modal contact form in bootstrap. These types of popup modal forms will be very useful if you don’t want to have separate pages for the forms like login, user signup or contact form. By default the modal dialogs are hidden, and only shown when triggered by a handle like anchor link or buttons. However these modal dialogs are not limited to forms but also can hold plain text or other html contents like image sliders, alerts, videos etc.


Twitter Bootstrap Circle - Round Buttons Example

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Hi, here comes another nice addition to our twitter bootstrap tutorials series. This post discusses about customizing/extending bootstrap features and let you create circle/round buttons with bootstrap 3 css. Bootstrap provides seven different button classes of varying color and they are rounded rectangle by default. These button classes provide an excellent base structure for designing your own styles. You will be amazed to see how very little css code could create beautiful circle buttons.


Twitter Bootstrap Inline Form Example

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Hi, this is another one of those quick twitter bootstrap tutorials which shows you how to create inline form using bootstrap css. As said many times, using bootstrap simplifies the task of building websites, especially web forms. Web Forms or otherwise called as HTML Forms are the inherent part of web development and a simple modern day website should include a contact form at the least. But to style those forms with css is a tedious task and using twitter bootstrap framework greatly simplifies it.


How to Backup and Restore MySQL Database using Command Line

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It’s a good practice to regularly backup the databases to avoid losing data. And at times you may want to move the database from development to production environment or to some remote server. Either way you have to backup the database, and this mysql tutorial will show you the simple way to backup and restore mysql database using command line. MySQL Database Management System provides a powerful utility called ‘mysqldump’ which is available with the mysql installation and you can find it inside the ‘bin’ directory.


PHP CodeIgniter Tutorials for Beginners Step By Step: Series to Learn From Scratch

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Hi, Welcome to our PHP CodeIgniter Tutorial Series. These step by step tutorials are intended for beginners who want to start learning codeigniter from scratch. It will start right away from setting up the codeigniter working environment and move on to more advanced topics covering codeigniter libraries, helpers and active record class for database communication. Another nice perk with this series is you will get to know about the popular twitter bootstrap css framework while learning.


How to Add Social Media Icons to Twitter Bootstrap NavBar

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One cannot simply overlook social media marketing in creating brand awareness and the need to implement social sharing icons to websites and blogs. Having social signals on prime spots where the site users cannot miss is a challenging task and top navigation menu is one such place in any website. I have already discussed here about using font-awesome icon font to add social network buttons to bootstrap websites. And this bootstrap tutorial will walk you through in easy steps to add customized social media icons to twitter bootstrap navbar.


How to Export Data from MySQL Table to CSV File in PHP

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Hi! We'll see in this PHP Tutorial, How to Export Data from MySQL to CSV File in PHP. It's not uncommon to import and export data from database management system. Sometimes you may want to export the data from database into CSV format as the term CSV stands for comma separated value and it's a good human readable format like JSON. PHP 5.1 and above supports the csv formatting function fputcsv(), and combining it with PHP's file handling functions we can very easily convert the mysql table to a csv file.


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