Twitter Bootstrap Table Styles Tutorial with Examples

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HTML Table Element displays your website data in tabular format but writing CSS styles of your own to improve the look and feel of those tables is definitely a headache. Never worry. Twitter Bootstrap CSS Framework comes to your rescue here. It provides a bunch of css classes to style the html tables. By using these bootstrap table styles along with the <table> tag you can greatly improve the appearance of the tables.


Understanding Twitter Bootstrap Image Classes with Examples

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Twitter Bootstrap Framework provides so much of ready-made plug-ins and components for comprehensive web design. What does it offer to handle images? Speaking, Bootstrap tends to display images without border by default. It also provides some special image classes that can be used for styling them in your web projects.


How to use Bootstrap Icons in HTML

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Bootstrap Icons are provided by glyphicons and they are more than 250 in numbers. These glyphicons are font based icons that accounts for scalability and usability. One of the downside of using these font icons is they are monochromatic in nature. But they are likewise flexible and allow you to change its color, size etc using css properties.


CodeIgniter Contact Form Tutorial with Email Sending Option

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Hi, we'll see how to build contact form in codeigniter application. Contact forms are an essential component of today's websites as they are a means of communication between the end user and the website owner. Earlier I have written a tutorial on creating bootstrap contact form using php and this time I'll walk you step by step to build a contact form in codeigniter. For the form ui design, I'll use bootstrap css but you can use your own stylesheets instead of bootstrap. Learn more about using bootstrap in codeigniter here.


How to Send Email in CodeIgniter via SMTP Server

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Codeigniter comes with many built-in helpers and libraries for robust development. Of which its email library is a little gem that you can configure and send mails on fly. Here is a simple example to send email in codeigniter using smtp protocol. We'll see how to send mail with attachments through gmail, but you can use any third party smtp servers. Just get the smtp settings from the service provider and use it instead of gmail settings and you are done.


How to Connect to Multiple Databases in CodeIgniter

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Connecting to multiple databases is simpler in CodeIgniter. All you have to do is to establish a separate connection for each database you wish to work. Here I'll show you how to connect with two MySQL Databases.

Connect to Multiple Databases in CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter/MySQL Tutorial - Read and Display data with Twitter Bootstrap

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CodeIgniter is the simplest and light PHP framework which lets you create robust web applications in no time. Using Twitter Bootstrap with CodeIgniter saves the hassle of writing CSS Stylesheets for your app and lets you focus on development. Later you can customize bootstrap styles to suit your need. That is the best part of using MVC pattern as the presentation (view) is separate, you can change the look and feel of the app anytime without disturbing the rest of it. have good Twitter Bootstrap Tutorials about customizing Bootstrap3 and I strongly recommend you to go through these tutorials.

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