CodeIgniter Database CRUD Tutorial for Beginners with Examples

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CRUD is one of the primary functions of a Database Management System. It stands for the four basic operations Create, Read, Update and Delete performed on databases. In SQL, it represents INSERT (Create), SELECT (Read), UPDATE (Update) and DELETE (Delete) commands. Learning the Database CRUD process is essential in application development especially when you want to work with databases. In this codeigniter tutorial, we'll see about building database CRUD operations using CodeIgniter and MySQL Database in detail.


Enable Disable group of HTML Elements with Checkbox using jQuery

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Enable/Disable group of HTML elements is fairly simple with jQuery. Any single element can be enabled/disabled via it's DOM property disabled. But how to do it in group? The idea is to wrap all the elements meant to be grouped in a <div> container and call jQuery's :input selector to select all the child elements of the container and set it's disabled property.

Learn jQuery addclass removeclass methods onclick

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Using the jQuery addClass() and removeClass() methods, we can dynamically add/remove css class(es) of an HTML element. The addClass method does not replace any existing classes but appends to them. The removeClass method removes the css classes of an element if exists. To add/remove more than one class at a time separate them with a space.

How to Read and Parse JSON String in jQuery and Display in HTML Table

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Hi, in today’s post we’ll see How to Read and Parse JSON String in jQuery. JSON is a human readable data exchange format used among web services and it's a necessary skill for modern day web developers (frontend/backend) to deal with JSON data received from various third-party APIs. Keeping that in mind we have discussed about parsing json data using php script sometime back. And now we have come up with this jquery tutorial which walks you through the process of parsing json string using jquery library, convert and display it into an html table.


How to Install and Setup PHP CodeIgniter Framework in XAMPP Localhost

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Though I have written several php codeigniter tutorials in the past, this post is solely aimed at absolute beginners who want to set foot in this php mvc framework. The lure of codeigniter is its pretty small learning curve and the flexibility to accommodate small to large web applications. MVC frameworks demands structured workflow and it's necessary to configure properly for them to work. This codeigniter tutorial will walk you through step by step on how to install and setup the codeigniter framework in xampp stack.


Twitter Bootstrap Responsive Image Gallery Tutorial With Lightbox Effect

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Building beautiful responsive image galleries in your twitter bootstrap application is now super-easy with the awesome blueimp image gallery plug-in. Using this plug-in you can easily build touch friendly and responsive image or video gallery viewable for both mobile and desktops. Galleries are a great way to showcase your products or services and here we'll see in this bootstrap tutorial, how to build responsive image gallery with slideshow and light box effect in bootstrap.


Create RESPONSIVE Navigation Menu Bar with Twitter Bootstrap 3

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We’ll see in this twitter bootstrap tutorial, how to create a simple yet elegant gradient responsive navigation menu with Twitter Bootstrap 3. Bootstrap has a built in “navbar” component and creating the navigation bar with it is relatively simple, provided you follow the right steps.

Twitter Bootstrap Responsive Navigation Menu Bar

By responsive we mean that the navigation bar adjusts itself to the available view port size. Say it will be extended to the full width when viewed in bigger screen like desktop/laptops and collapse itself to fit to the smaller screens of mobiles/tablets.

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