How to Add Stunning 3D CSS Photo Frame Effect to Images

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Hi, we’ll see how to add a stunning 3D CSS Photo Frame Border Effect to Images on mouse hover in this tutorial. Adding some fancy border effects to images will spice up the look of the images used in website. Doing so doesn't need any image processing software’s like Photoshop. With CSS3, now we can add such image border effects easily with few lines of code.

How to Create Bootstrap Accordion Menu

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Hi, in this tutorial we'll see how to create Bootstrap3 Accordion Menu. Accordion is one of the important components of Bootstrap Framework, and is a stacked list of items such as windows, buttons, lables, thumbnails etc which can be expanded and collapsed though only one accordion window will be visible at a time.

How to get the Status Code from HTTP Response Headers in PHP

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We'll see how to get the Status Code of any HTTP RESPONSE Headers sent by the server upon a HTTP REQUEST in PHP. For example, opening a webpage in a browser will send a HTTP request to the server and which in turn will be returned by a response. At times, we want to get the status code alone from the headers sent by the server for processing.

How to add jQuery UI Slider Input Control to HTML Form

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The jQuery UI Slider Input Control can be used in places where the user input should be bound to a certain range of numeric values. We can use textbox and slider control together to force the user to pick up the input value by sliding the slider button. This way we can have more control over the form input values.

How to Create Login Form in CodeIgniter, MySQL and Twitter Bootstrap

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Hi I'm back with another CodeIgniter MySQL Tutorial. In this post, we'll see How to Create Login Form in CodeIgniter and MySQL Database. To design the UI, we use Twitter Bootstrap3 CSS Framework . Twitter Bootstrap has ready to use HTML Form Components which we use to style our login form in seconds.

CodeIgniter/MySQL Tutorial - Read and Display data with Twitter Bootstrap

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CodeIgniter is the simplest and light PHP framework which lets you create robust web applications in no time. Using Twitter Bootstrap with CodeIgniter saves the hassle of writing CSS Stylesheets for your app and lets you focus on development. Later you can customize bootstrap styles to suit your need. That is the best part of using MVC pattern as the presentation (view) is separate, you can change the look and feel of the app anytime without disturbing the rest of it. have good Twitter Bootstrap Tutorials about customizing Bootstrap3 and I strongly recommend you to go through these tutorials.

How to Add and Customize Twitter Bootstrap3 Breadcrumbs

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It's a good practice to add breadcrumbs to websites/blogs to enhance the users to find their way around. Also it indicates user’s location (page) and hierarchy of the page within a website. Twitter bootstrap3 comes with built-in CSS component for adding breadcrumbs. I'll show you how to add and customize the default breadcrumbs of bootstrap as per your requirement.