jQuery Password Strength Meter for Twitter Bootstrap Example

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Hi, I'm back with another useful and interesting tutorial that talks about implementing jQuery Password Strength Meter to Twitter Bootstrap Framework. Guiding users to choose complex passwords and let them know the strength of their selected passwords during user registration process (signup) is a good and necessary practice to include in websites. Having password strength checker not only improves overall site security but will also gain users trust. Here we'll see how to incorporate it on websites built over twitter bootstrap css framework.


Make Twitter Bootstrap Jumbotron Background Image Responsive

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Hi! I have discussed about working with Bootstrap Jumbotron component a while back. Jumbotron is a light-weight and flexible plug-in provided by bootstrap to showcase the key features of your website or to launch a sales pitch. You can easily design a landing page with jumbotron by adding html elements like texts, links and buttons to it.

By default it contains plain grey background, but what if you want to add an appropriate background image to jumbotron component? And also to make it responsive so that the image span to full width and height of the unit? Yes! You can do it by tweaking bootstrap’s default css code.


How to Merge Two JSON Objects into One using jQuery

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Hi, at times you may want to merge multiple json objects into a single entity when working with different APIs. Recently I also found myself in such situation and came across a very simple and effective solution with jQuery. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to merge two json objects into one using jQuery library. jQuery provides several utility functions and the extend() method is one among them. It merges two or more objects together into the first object (i.e., first parameter passed to the function).


CodeIgniter MODAL Contact Form w/ jQuery AJAX Validation Example

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Hi, a while back I have written a tutorial about building contact form in codeigniter. It got great feedbacks and some of the readers asked about implementing the same feature in modal popup form. I thought it would be beneficial to kodingmadesimple.com readers if I provide it as a separate tutorial and in this article I’m going to show you How to Build a Proper Modal Contact Form in CodeIgniter with AJAX Field Validations.

Though the features of the modal form we are going to build would be similar to regular contact form, it become little bit tricky in the way we do form field validations. Since we can’t afford to refresh the page by submitting the form, we should go by AJAX technique to avoid page refreshing.


How to CREATE & DROP INDEX in MySQL Database Table

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DATABASE INDEX is used to find, sort and group the data in a fast and efficient way. These indexes can be created using one or more columns and creating index to a column generates an extra hidden column holding the same data sorted with a handle to the original data. Hence it allows the database application to find the data fast without reading the whole table. Today we’ll see how to create and drop index in mysql database table.


How to Get User IP Address in CodeIgniter

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Hi, this quick post discusses about getting user ip address in php codeigniter framework. Say you have an application built on code igniter mvc and you want to collect visitor’s ip address. The easiest solution is to use the codeigniter’s input class.

CodeIgniter input class serves two important purposes. 1. It ensures security by pre-processing the global input data and 2. It does provide helper functions to fetch the input data and pre-process it.


How to use Join Query in CodeIgniter - Examples

On 8/22/2015 2 Comments so far

Hi, today I have come up with another useful tutorial which discusses about using join query in php codeigniter framework. CodeIgniter provides its own database library known as active record class and it enables you to write database independent applications. Though you can use raw sql queries with codeigniter, sticking on to active record features is more beneficial and let you easily migrate to different database system in the future. Also it automatically escapes the values and makes for safer queries.


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