BlueHost Web Hosting Review: Secrets Revealed for Shared Hosting

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BlueHost is one of the biggest web-hosting company providing quality web hosting solutions over two decades from business enterprises to individuals since 1996. Over the years the company secured a place in the list of top twenty web hosting companies in the world and operates with its headquarters being situated in Provo, Utah, USA - along with 700 plus employees. Currently Bluehost and its sister concerns said to host nearly two-million domains and is a major achievement for any web hosting providers.

How to Convert XML File to Array in PHP

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Hi! In this post let us see How to Convert XML File/String to Array in PHP. Its reverse process of converting array to xml has been already discussed and you can find that tutorial here. It’s a known fact that XML is used to store and exchange information among web services and still some of them provide their API response in xml format. In such case you have to parse those xml files and extract data to process it. PHP provides a handy library called SIMPLEXML to handle xml data. Here I’ll show you how easy it is to use simplexml library to parse and covert the xml file to php array.


Sort Files by Last Modified Date in PHP

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Hi, in this post we’ll discuss about a method to sort files in a directory/folder by last modified date in php. Though php language comes with a rich set of sorting functions such as sort() rsort() ksort() etc., none of them will directly suits for this purpose. In order to sort files in a folder, we should first copy the filenames from the said directory to an array and then define our custom sorting function to sort those files by last modified date. PHP’s usort() is such function which we can use to sort arrays by the way we define.


How to Convert Multidimensional Array to XML File in PHP

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Hi, today we’ll see how to convert multidimensional array to xml file in php. XML, the EXtensible Markup Language is a good old data-exchange format and lost its popularity to JSON. But the sad truth is XML still exists and used to store and exchange data on the WEB. If you are one among the developers who has to deal with XML, then this tutorial is aimed at you. Converting an associative array or a complex multi-dimensional array no matter what, the php script I have given here will easily convert those arrays to xml file.


CodeIgniter Pagination with Search Query Filter: Example with Bootstrap

On 10/30/2015 6 Comments so far

Hi, earlier in our codeigniter tutorial series, I have discussed about integrating bootstrap styles with codeigniter pagination library. And I got enquires from readers about adding search filter to it. Including search option to pagination results will greatly improve user experience, especially if you have several hundreds of pages to skim through. So in this post I will teach you exactly how to implement search query feature in codeigniter-bootstrap pagination.

How to Get Last Modified Date & Time of a File in PHP

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Hi! This PHP tutorial is intended for beginners and it will teach you how to get the last modified date and time of a file. PHP is a powerful programming language and provides native functions to handle file system effectively. These file handling functions let you easily access the properties of files and one such property is ‘Last Modified Date’. This property stores the recently modified date and time of a file and we’ll see how to read this last-modified property of a file using php.


How to Remove a Property from an Object in JavaScript

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JSON alias ‘JavaScript Object Notation’ is the string representation of JavaScript Object and is a popular data-exchange format among web-services. Manipulating those data received from various source is an essential skill required for every developer. With that in mind we have published several json tutorials in the past which discusses about working with json data. And today in this tutorial, we'll see how to remove a property from an object in javascript.


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