How to get the Status Code from HTTP Response Headers in PHP

On 8/18/2014

We'll see how to get the Status Code of any HTTP RESPONSE Headers sent by the server upon a HTTP REQUEST in PHP. For example, opening a webpage in a browser will send a HTTP request to the server and which in turn will be returned by a response. At times, we want to get the status code alone from the headers sent by the server for processing.


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Get the HTTP Response Status Code

First use the PHP get_headers() function to fetch the array of all the headers sent by the server and then strip the status code from it.

//function to get the http reponse code
function get_response_code($url)
     $responseHeader = get_headers($url);
     return substr($responseHeader[0], 9, 3);

$statusCode = get_response_code('');
echo $statusCode;

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I hope you find this php tutorial useful.

Last Modified: Apr-15-2015

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