10 Best Tips To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly - Infographics

On 9/19/2017

Hi! Here we have the infographics that gives you the 10 best tips to make your site mobile friendly and improve the mobile user experience. Smartphones are not just used to make calls and send messages. Millions of mobile users use them to surf internet, search for news, information, and to shop and purchase.

The fact that your site can be viewed on a mobile device does not make it mobile-friendly. If you have not properly optimized your website / e-commerce site for mobile traffic you could loss leads and sales.

Studies shows that more than half of the internet traffic is through mobile devices and the rate increases day by day. Almost 60% of mobile users said to have trouble accessing websites and face navigation problems.

Even though your site looks perfect and beautiful from desktop, the mobile user experience could be totally different. So many websites have separate mobile sites and its fine if you have small static sites. But responsive websites are much more preferred these days and provide uniform user experience for both desktop pc and mobile users.

Leveraging responsive technology frameworks like Bootstrap will help you build responsive mobile friendly websites. They follow the mobile-first approach and create a similar experience for users regardless of whether they access the site from the desktop, tablet or smartphone.

In addition to the better user experience across devices, you also don't need to have separate mobile url and redirect to mobile site. This gives you SEO benefits and makes the site much easier to manage.

10 Best Tips To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly - Infographics

For your website to be friendly and optimized for mobile traffic, follow the 10 best suggestions that appear in the below infographic. It will help you build a positive experience for your mobile customers.

best tips to make your site mobile friendly

10 Best Tips To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly - An Infographic by kodingmadesimple.com

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